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Steve Maxwell's Two-Minute / One-Rep Workout -- A System of Challenges

A real, minimalist approach that will tax your strength

The Two-Minute / One-Rep exercise system is a fantastic way to learn to control the breathing response while under tension.

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The Two-Minute / One-Rep exercise system is a time-honored protocol popular with Russian martial artists which can greatly increase muscular strength and hypertrophy.

Even though you are moving really slowly -- almost as a series of isometrics -- it's amazing how much this method taxes the cardio-respiratory system.

5 exercises: a complete workout

The beautiful thing is the Two-Minute / One-Rep workout can be done virtually anywhere; the only equipment you really need is something upon which to pull yourself up.

Harness only the muscles you need to get the job done.

As an older martial artist and athlete, Steve is always looking for joint-friendly ways to preserve his youthful vitality.

There comes a point in every man's life where you no longer wish to load your body with super-heavy weight -- and with this system there is no need fr that--but don't be fooled by the previous statement, because the Two-Minute / One-Rep system is a very intense workout with many of the same benefits as sprint training.

I often alternate between my isometrics and this type of training -- it gives me the variety I need wthout compromising the integrity of the workout. -- Steve Maxwell

Who is it for:

This workout is for anybody, any age, any gender, who wishes to improve breathing control, and either increase or maintain strength and hypertrophy.

The Two-Minute / One-Rep system is for those wishing to develop mental toughness and razor-like metal concentration -- I find it particularly good for martial artists...of any style. -- Steve Maxwell

Potential benefits of Two-Minute / One-Rep training:

  1. Overcome panic
  2. Acquire tremendous motor control
  3. The ability to focus the breath under tension
  4. Using "select tension"

Who isn't it for:

The weak-minded and undisciplined person who is unable to push theirself and prefers to remain this way.

This workout requires great resolve and deep focus -- or at least a genuine desire to develop same.

How to use:

The exercises can be done as a stand-alone workout, or they can be incorporated into current training.

How many times per week:

Steve recommends against performing this workout more than one time per week.

Buy now for $11.95

Click here to download this video!      Buy the Video Stream Now!

Running time: 29:36   File size: 845 mb



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