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Read about the success stories that Steve's training system has produced.

  • I became aware of Steve Maxwell in 2006 after I discovered kettle bells. He had interesting and informative articles in some muscle magazines that I read. I followed and read everything that I could find he had written.

    In 2015 I heard him on Mike Mahler's podcast. He peaked my interested when I found out he was my age and still very active. It had gotten to the point where I would go to the gym do a heavy leg day and a couple hours latter my knees and back would be so sore and stiff it was hard to walk.

    I went to Maxwell's web page and signed up for his Maui work shop. It was the best money I ever spent.

    For five days, coach Maxwell showed us his morning routines, body weight exercise, and philosophy of life.

    I don't know if it is our age, but our philosophy's are very similar making my life happier and easier. I signed up for his online training and he was very thorough.

    First he wanted photos and he showed me how my posture needed to be realigned. He gave me exercises to help realign myself. A very simple and effective diet to follow.

    After that, the strength training and mobility drills started and I improved tremendously with better posture, strength, and energy. I don't like cliches, but working with coach Maxwell is a way of life. From morning to evening if you're are willing to put in the time, you will definitely improve.

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  • HI, I want to thank you from all my heart, in my opinion you by sharing so much of your knowledge have saved my life.

    I'm 35 and around 30 years old I begin not feeling so well after siting all day and smoking 1-2 packs of cigarettes per day, after searching on the internet I find your food combining and joint mobility system.

    By following your system I manage to loose 35kg (125-90kg) and the quality of my life has improved.

    Around 1-1.5 years ago I had a stroke because of a blood illness( Thrombophilia) and it did only some minor damage to me.

    My opinion is that if I didn't have found you and your teaching the stroke would have a bigger impact and now I would be dead.

    For me you are not only a coach you are my Teacher and Mentor.

    Thank you (sorry for my English)

    - goanta

  • Hey Steve, some physique progress photos below. I'm pretty happy with progress!

    Looking back at the photos I sent you when I started I barely recognize myself!

    Thanks for whipping me into shape!

    Edward Bergersen

  • I dedicate this workout to my coach @stevemaxwellsc where I got my first, freestanding pistol. I've always struggled with pistols due to poor foot and ankle mobility. Last year I couldn't even do a bodyweight lunge with this leg after a pretty harsh case of jumpers knee. Now, my pain is gone, I've balanced out my unilateral weaknesses, and increased

    Edward Bergersen

  • Before: 4/24/2012      After: 8/18/2012

    Steve Maxwell is a genius. His mentorship, knowledge base, and motivational abilities are top notch and rival those of any "accomplished military leader" I have ever met. As a current Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner, former military diver and certified personal trainer, I fell into the trap of thinking I knew what was right for me and how to keep myself in shape.

    I started my journey on my own in January at 193 lbs. and quickly lost weight using my tried and true Vegan diet. However, I stalled out for about a month and a half of up and down with more up than down. Steve Maxwell's view on nutrition planning turned my world upside down, and workouts that are able to be adapted to tough schedules have been paramount in my success. As a full time active duty military member, full time student at Penn State World College and father of a 2.5 year old toddler I am a busy man and don't have the time to be spending any wasted time at the gym or slogging away for hours on 10 mile runs or 5 hour bike rides.

    As of August 15th I weigh 159 LBS. That is 34 lbs. of dropped lard as Mr. Maxwell calls it and I went from a 36-inch pant size to a 30-inch pant size in 6 months. When I started I figured I had about 10 lbs. to lose and some "reorganization to do". Turns out I was way off on my goal.

    I chose Steve due to his experience with body weight workouts and his reputation as an accomplished Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor. His training regime and intense workouts were well designed and simple to follow and his Active recovery plan cured a nagging shoulder injury I incurred during my training. And his no bull approach to assessing your actual progress is refreshing in these times of respecting feelings and sugar coating the truth in regards to shortcomings.

    My fitness level has increased tenfold and in fact during a recent PT test I did 54 push ups in a minute, 62 sit ups, and ran the mile and a half run in 10:30. Then just for fun I cranked out 12 pull ups to prove to myself that I could do it.

    I WILL be a long time client of Steve's and look forward to making progress in my quest for true fitness. I can't wait to get back on the mat and train Jiu Jitsu here in Maui... as soon as I am able to find some time.

    Erin Stapleton,
    Maalaea, Maui, HI

  • After I got my doctorate in 2010 I was at an all-time low in health and fitness, with very low endurance and always afflicted with some minor sickness. I decided to do something about it, read many books about training and nutrition and put them into practice. But although I lost quite a bit of weight and gained some muscles, my energy and health remained poor.

    Enrolling in Steve's Online Personal Training in 2011 has been a game-changer for my health and fitness. It is not only that some basic parameters of body-composition, like body-fat and muscle-mass, have changed for the better: Through him I learned to breathe, eat and move better and how to counter the detrimental health-effects of my desk-job. My energy-level is much higher and my health is the best it ever was.

    Steve is a great coach who, through his personalized training programs, directs you skillfully towards your goals. But he is more than that, he is a real teacher who empowers you with his vast knowledge: Under his guidance I began to learn to listen to my body and to understand what it needs in training, rest and nourishment, and what is too much.

    Working with Steve has been a wonderful journey this far and I am very excited for what still lies ahead.

    Dr. S, Germany

  • Working with Steve the greatest thing I have ever done for my fitness and general health. Like most entrepreneurs, I was too busy to think about my fitness, diet, or general lifestyle choices.

    Steve has changed all that for me. Following my initial assessment, he helped me to develop an eating plan, which in conjunction with my cardio and strength training (I now hate to use gyms, so I only train at parks or streets) turned my fitness around! I lost the excess fat and, in the process of toning my body, I am now stronger, leaner and have more energy to enjoy life!

    It is by no means an easy process, but each week I see more and better results, and the comments from my family and friends cement the fact that all my hard work is paying off!

    I thank Steve and Teresa for giving me the knowledge and inspiration to help me achieve my fitness goals.

    Thanks Steve!


    January 2011 May 2012
  • When I have a question about real world training--which you can do anywhere, anytime, and with any age--Steve Maxwell is the first person I ask.

    With decades of experience in the big field of strength and conditioning training he is one of the rare, true experts in the world. If you listen to him and see him in training, you�ll immediately realize he is the best living proof for his system.

    He is not only still a great athlete, he is one of the best teachers who can explain complicated facts with easy words to improve your technique and performance within seconds.

    It doesn`t matter if you�re injured, young, old, overweight--or an athlete striving to win martial arts trophies--Steve Maxwell is your best address for training advice.

    Steve`s system of body weight training, kettlebell training, odd-object training, joint mobility, martial arts conditioning, breathing and recovery techniques seem to be the holy grail for healthy aging--all the while maintaining a high level of physical and mental fitness.

    I can`t wait to get even more insight into this training system in his upcoming certification workshops.

    Dr. Till Sukopp
    Sport scientist, strength and conditioning coach and author
    Cologne, Germany

  • I've met with a lot of KB guys and gals and went through my fair share of workshops, books, DVD, etc. I've been using Kettlebells for about 6 years consistently and this was by far the BEST seminar/cert I've ever been to.

    So simple, so effective, so practical. I knew it was going to be good but great job man...this was a fantastic inspiration...It was great finally meeting you in person and you were exactly as everyone had described. I will recommend this cert to everyone I come across as the premiere KB workshop around. I have not been advertising XXX, XXXX or any of them because I feel that their flaws are way too many. I always felt it could do it could be done better and now going through yours I see there is some good in the world! Thanks again...Looking forward to future meetings with you!

    Marcus Martinez
    Owner/Trainer MBody Strength

  • About three years ago you published an article in Hard Style about a muscular-endurance circuit using KBs. I didn't know who you were at that time, but it looked interesting, so I tried it. Even though I was not prepared for this type of work, I scaled it back and managed to get through three rounds. I did this twice a week for about four weeks, and was making tremendous progress. I then decided that KBs were indeed the one true way, and ordered a full set.

    The next week I fractured my collarbone and two ribs in a mountain biking crash. After a long recovery, and then doing too much, too soon, I turned to an online KB coach. It was an O.K. experience that lasted six months. I then began Pavel's ETK program and made good progress -- on those specific lifts. But nothing else really changed and I soon realized that ETK and kettlebells-only work might not be the best all-around program for me.

    I then remembered your Hard Style workout (I saved the issue) and despite my misgivings about online coaching, I decided to turn to you. It was a great decision!

    So, back to the new workout that you sent, which contains at least two of the five exercises in that Hard Style article: double snatches and double thrusters. The difference now, though, is that you've had me build a foundation that will allow me to support that work. This is really getting good..."

    John B.

  • It's always exciting to begin a new program, and this week's workouts did not disappoint. As you can read in my notes, I had varying degrees of success with the workouts.

    As an aside, I'd also like to mention how extremely pleased I am with your coaching. Your unrelenting focus on my weakest links shows me the true value of having a coach, of having an experienced guide leading me each step of the way. I'm only now beginning to understand that it really is 'how you put it together.'"


  • I am the lightest I've been since who knows when--about 158##...I started your program at 164, I have gotten leaner since I began with your instructions about 3 weeks ago.Waist is now about 33"...I definitely lost fat and look trimmer...I am pleased w/ my progress thanks to your great advice and programs.

    As always,looking forward to your suggestions and comments. I have trained w/ several coaches in the past including a former strength coach of a pro football team- while a few were excellent, I've had the best results under your guidance-thanks for all your help."


  • I have been training in the martial arts for over 10 years, but it wasn't until I began competing in Jiu-Jitsu that I realized I needed some help. Despite having accomplished coaches, and despite being well versed in the subject myself (with a Master's degree in Exercise Physiology and as a CSCS & AKC Certified Kettlebell Coach) my training had hit a plateau.

    I was losing matches solely due to conditioning and that was extremely discouraging. I decided to contact Steve based on his experience working with grapplers and being a championship grappler himself. He was able to quickly evaluate my current training program and make immediate changes.

    I was vastly overtraining and was suffering from the accompanying fatigue and stagnation. He worked with me to totally revamp and hone my program, focusing on my weaknesses and goals & employing methods familiar and available to me (kettlebells, bodyweight exercises).

    The results came quickly and are still coming!

    Within the first 3 weeks I had my first grappling medals. I finish fights now, as I am able to concentrate on technique and not the fatigue. Steve has designed such an efficient and extremely specific program that it allows me to fully recover for classes and tournaments, while still creating enormous gains in my levels of strength and stamina.

    Additionally, I have been so impressed with his patience and ability to motivate and encourage me towards my goals (even while cutting weight) that I plan on keeping him around as long as he'll have me!

    Jane Easly

  • David M.
    Before After
  • Dr F.
    Age 50
    3 month program

    Before After
  • If you want to learn some really incredible techniques, get Steve Maxwells DVD's. They are EXCELLENT! I always say the proof is in the pudding, Steve is in phenomenal shape and healthy and his DVD's can help you get the same great results.

    Jon Hinds
    Founder / Owner of Monkey Bar Gymnasium

  • Steve Maxwell is a real renaissance man when it comes to health and fitness. He understands the importance of proper training, nutrition, and mobility extremely well.

    Steve is someone that I go to with confidence whenever I need some insight on training. More importantly Steve knows how to teach the general population effectively and is one of the most experienced trainers around. I highly recommend his certifications, online training services, and workshops.

    Mike Mahler
    author of The Aggressive Strength Solution for Size and Strength

  • Steve Maxwell is the most creative strength coach I have ever been exposed to. He draws on years of experience through sports and 1000s of logged hours with clients to bring you the most effective training methods available.

    Steve has an eclecticyet simpledesign of combining simple drills into sadistic circuits and complexes. When you have any chance to get in front of Steve through private sessions and/or his workshops, do youself a favor and enroll immediately.

    Brad Nelson
    Performance Specialist, Director of Kinetic Edge Performance

  • I'm 39 y.o. woman from Moscow, Russia; been in US for 15 years. In Moscow I was a professional athlete, equestrian (dressage), and always led an active lifestyle.

    Since I came to US in 1991 I was working as a dressage trainer/insructor, and in 1996 added massage therapy to my business. I did yoga, worked out in the gym, ran, walked and took martial arts.

    I met Pavel in 1998 and took some personal training sessions with him, but moved from MN to PA in 1999 and lost contact with him. My friend told me about Steve Maxwell in 2001, and I started working out with him in a class 2-3 times a week, which consisted of joint mobility and kettlebells.

    I felt intensity and effectiveness almost immediately, but after 2 years of taking his class I considered being in the best shape of my life. My riding improved, my overall energy got increased, I was always asked by my massage clients about the secret ofmy good shape - which I gladly shared.

    Year and a half ago I became pregnant and my fitness level went under test. I credit joint mobility and kettlebell training with incredible benefits to my health.

    I did not experience back ache, stayed in shape during all stages of pregnancy and kept working; had natural delivery and a healthy daughter, and less in two months was back to my pre-pregnancy weight and tone. I had to adjust weight of kettlebells and change my routine, and instead of taking class I took private sessions with Steve and worked out at home. His video of joint mobility helped me to streamline my routine.

    Steve has unsurpassed level of motivation skills, creativity and energy, and a keen eye for any individual problem. Here are pictures of me doing KB's 3 years ago, picture of me with my 3-weeks-old daughter and just recent ones (she is 7 months old now).

    Maria Morgounova
    A little bit to add: My mother is 67 y.o, stayng with me and helping me with the baby. In 7 months she lost near 35 pounds,doing mostly joint mobility, walking in the park and light (8kg) KB's. She looks and feels great!

  • Steve is a fantastic coach and person. I went to Steve for consultations to prepare my strength and conditioning for the 2006 Arnolds/Gracie Worlds and other BJJ, NO-GI, and MMA tournaments. The result was a gold and silver medal, a title belt and fantastic performances in my 2006 competition year.

    Steve really understands the needs of combat athletes as well as other applications and can be effective with any available modality, whether it be the use of kettlebells, clubbells, weight plates, rings, or bodyweight. Steve is the only one I trust to get me in the best shape I can be for competition or for whatever life throws at me.

    Ben Eaton
    2006 Gracie Worlds purple belt medium heavysilver medal
    2006 Gracie Worlds NO-GI medium heavy gold medal
    2006 Ultimate Throwdown middleweight MMA tournament champion
    2006 Saulo Ribeiro Association bronze medal