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Sling Training: the Berlin Variations

Core and Shoulder Spectacular

In this short video, Steve coaches and Eileen Berlin demonstrates some unique and extremely effective core exercises using a simple suspension device, known as a sling trainer in Eileen's hometown.

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You will acquire exercises for strengthening shoulder stability, and engaging entire core -- both front and back -- are demonstrated. These are not your run of the mill core exercises. Many of these exercise, eg, the hanging planks, are rarely seen or demonstrated.


Steve had planned to include a follow-along workout with this video, but, in spite of Eileen's high-level of fitness, she was so fatigued by the demonstrations she could not complete the workout segment

Coachie! Coachie! Coachie!

In fact, after this video shoot, Eileen made it her mission to pactice these movements so she can make it up to her coach!


Steve discovered these exercises once upon a time when he looking for ways to strengthen himself for his one-arm push-up and one-arm chin-up goals. Steve was also on a peronal quest seeking the holy grail movement(s) that would be a body weight equivalent of the Turkish Get-Up. The Turkish Get-Up is renowned as a core-stabilizer.

How to use this video:

This video is a complete, full-body routine that can be used as a stand-alone workout with special emphasis on core and shoulder -- it's that tough. The only equipment necessary is a suspension device (aka sling trainer)

Alternatively, a selection of these exercises can be included as part of any comprehensive strength training program--to be added at the end.

These exercises make use of the isometric principle for core stability.

Steve himself uses these exercises in the following two ways:

1. He uses the full series as an isometric-core workout
2. He adds two movements to the end of his regularly-scheduled workout, for focused shoulder and core work


Questions & Answers

Why does Steve's voice sound so raspy?

Steve caught a cold just before the video shoot but wanted to shoot the exercises anyway. He is doing great now, thank you.


Sling Training: the Berlin Variations $9.95
Running time 23:32 size 1.76 GB

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