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Important note regarding Steve's personal training services

Because Steve's programs are personalized and overseen with acute attention, in order to maintain the highest quality of service to the list of current trainees, Steve is no longer taking on new clients.

If you'd like to be added to the wait list, please contact us and you will be notified when Steve has an opening.

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Online Personal Training

Train under the personal direction of Steve Maxwell, world-class athlete and physical educator with close to forty years experience.

Personal supervision is one of the secrets to success in physical training of any kind. During the last 60 years alone, people have purchased millions of books and training courses from experts in the exercise field but usually with little or nothing in the way of worthwhile results. High hopes quickly turn to disappointment. It's difficult to communicate clearly on the subject just by written word.

The solution is a person-to-person approach to the problem. I'm now offering my services for telephone and online workout supervision. I'm convinced that very few people have the capacity to select workouts and work themselves out in a productive way on their own. If it were easy, guys like me wouldn't have jobs.

Facts are facts'but people are individual. Even in this modern age, fitness training is still as much art as science. Each person is unique with unique issues. Many trainers follow so-called .cookie-cutter. workouts but the application of training techniques must be made on an individual basis. Standard, printed programs will never produce the same results as individualized, person-to-person training instruction.

And it doesn't matter what equipment you have available. Any progressive resistance equipment can be used: barbells, dumbbells, squat racks, dip bars, kettlebells, pull-up bars, clubbells'all can be incorporated into a productive program.

Are you following a workout plan from a muscle magazine, popular book, local gym or a combination of the above? Are you getting the results you want?

If not, avail yourself of my forty-plus years of experience in the field of physical training by signing up for online or (limited) phone consulting.

Subscription Information

The pricing structure for online training is $500 initial payment, which includes the first month, questionnaire/structural analysis (by photos) and fitness assessment, plus a customized program.

Thereafter, a monthly fee of $150 is auto-billed to your credit card. You may cancel your subscription by email request at anytime.

This structure is designed to appeal to the long-term client, which is what Steve is seeking.

If you're interested, please contact us with some information about yourself and your fitness goals.

Contact us to be added to the online personal training waiting list

The workouts are very effective, I must admit. I haven't noticed any ill effects... I feel strong and fresh when sparring and training MA - despite the fact that I only work out for 20-minutes every 5th and 9th days! Outside the training room I've noticed that since I subscribed to your advice/workouts it's freed up a lot my time and energy, as I don't search the internet and training books for diets and workout plans anymore. It's really nice not to search for the "best program" anymore nor having to compute a training program myself from what I've piled together. It's actually meant more family time, more time for Martial Arts practices, and my creative hobbies (music, guitar)! That's a nice, unexpected, bonus.

-- Claus Aschou, Denmark

Private Phone Consultations

Steve Maxwell is available for private phone consultations! The rate is $150 per hour and scheduling depends upon Steve's availability. Once you have purchased your phone consultation Steve will follow up to schedule an appointment that suits both of your schedules.

Due to Steve's hectic schedule and his desire to respond to these requests in a timely manner, we request only serious inquiries that pertain to health, exercise, and overall fitness. Thank you for observing and respecting this stipulation!

Contact us if you have questions or comments pertaining to private phone consultations.

Private Training Sessions

Imagine the progress you'll make with Steve Maxwell as your personal strength and conditioning coach! Steve travels full-time but it is possible to schedule private sessions.

Check the calendar. If he's scheduled soon in your town, consider private training. In an hour or two you can learn new single movements or sequences or focus on refining technique.

Steve likes to meet up at local parks and playgrounds, or a friendly gym if that's more convenient.

The cost is $250 per hour.

Contact us for inquiries/arrangements/schedule availability.