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Red Rock KB Workouts

With nothing more than a kettlebell -- or two -- your own body weight, wits, and intelligence, you can get a tremendous workout anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

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Steve considers the kettlebell to be the penultimate handheld gym. Truth: a simple suspension trainer, or pullup bar, and a kettlebell, will give you all you need, vis a vis physical culture, health, and training.

Steve's created three, all-new kettlebell workouts, as models for the Maxwell KB 5-Pillars Workout System.

These workouts are three awesome examples of how the Coach puts it all together. These workouts can be used as follow-along training videos, or as inspiration for you to create your own balanced, 5-Pillar workouts.

All three Red Rock workouts include Steve's voiceover instruction and commentary.

Shannon in

Double Trouble

Shannon lifts two KBs and demonstrates an amazing workout using KBs alone. Even in a sunbaked parking lot in the Nevada desert, Shannon demonstrates a solid strength and conditioning routine just using two kettlebells. By understanding the movement-based formula of the 5-Pillars system, anyone can construct a rational workout and this sequence is proof. This workout makes use of the kettlebell complex and puts a real premium on cardio-respiratory conditioning.

Scott in

One Times Twelve Equals Six-Pack

Scott demonstrates a perfect example of BW and KB work combined, using a single kettlebell in ladder sets. How to get an unbelievable workout with one KB and your body. When you put the low-rest method in play, you get your strength, endurance, cardio-respiratory and mobility needs all met in one precise punch. No need for separate programs!

Shannon in

It's No Picnic

In the third workout of the series, Shannon once again shines, demonstrating that a picnic ain't just for stuffing your piehole! It's also a great example of how to recon your environment, making use of what's at hand, such as an ordinary roadside structure, courtesy of the U.S. National Park Service. Once again, by intelligently combining a kettlebell and your body weight, you can avail yourself of a fine workout, even at the rest stop just outside Las Vegas.

So, if you're looking for new ideas in workout construction and design, these videos really deliver. They also provide food for thinking up your own effective workouts.

Quoth Steve:

This is the kind of workout where it's just a man or girl and their trusty KB in the trunk of the car at the pullout. I can't tell you how many times I've had similar workouts at the side of the road on my journeys. Always deeply rewarding and productive

If you run out of ideas for your kettlebell training, well, you just have no imagination.


KB 5-Pillars Workout System

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The Red Rock KB Workouts go hand-in-hand with Steve's KB 5-Pillars Workout System videos.

You will find the KB 5-Pillars series especially valuable because it removes the confusing factor of What-to-Do in your workout.

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The Red Rock KB Workouts and Steve's KB 5-Pillars System are complimentary sets. Buy them as a complete package and save

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