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So You Want to Be a Kettlebell Star

So You Want to Be a Kettlebell Star offers up two more of Steve Maxwell's innovative hybrid workouts.

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Many of you have written asking how to upgrade your KB protocols with new programming ideas and these video downloads deliver, with two brand new, Maxwell-original, kickass workouts.

For those of you who have previously purchased Steve's workouts: welcome to a whole new level of painful fun!

For those of you still unfamiliar with Steve's work: check out these new downloads and discover why he's in high demand!

Rational training
Brutal Metabolic conditioning
Tonify the structure
Single and double kettlebell complexes
Boost the hormones
Systemic fatigue without muscular fatigue
Build your resistance
Two regimens -- one endpoint

All this in only 25 glorious minutes of adversity!

Volume 1: "Karl Kristian"

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Quick and dirty   |   Furious circuits   |   Compound movements   |   Double-kettlebell training   |   1-minute rest between rounds

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Volume 2: "Melissa"

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Single kettlebell   |   Acquire fluidity and unwavering poise   |   Built-in active recovery   |   Never. Stop. Moving. Rest phase built into the sequencing   |   Nice and easy, you say? Not so fast! More like nice... and rough!

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Don't be fooled by the boy and the girl performers -- all of Steve's video workouts are equal opportunity!

Either workout is useful for beginner or advanced trainees alike; the distinction lies in the weight of kettlebell you choose.

The primary difference in these two routines is single or double kettlebells. While the double kettlebell routine delivers more power, the single routine challenges the cardio-respiratory system -- plus you get to work out with lovely Melissa ;-)


Steve, Just wanted to say thanks for producing the downloadable videos, they are an absolute God send. I recently purchased the "Melissa" (So you want to be a kettlebell star) for my wife and I was pleasantly surprised how it kicked my butt.

For anyone from elite athlete to regular Joe (I'm a 51 regular Joe) who is looking for the absolute best instruction in strength and conditioning I invite you to purchase Steve's videos, you will not be disappointed. High quality downloadable videos which enables you to take Steve as your personal trainer anywhere.

Thanks again Steve wishing you a great 2013.



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Click here for information on how to watch these videos on your mobile devices and tablets