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Steve Maxwell's Kettlebell Seminar

Experiece Steve's awesome Kettlebell Seminar for yourself. Learn from the first kettlebell trainer in the US. Learn from the most experienced kettlebell trainer in the US. Acquire the practical movements from a paragon in the fitness industry. The man, the originator: Steve Maxwell

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Acquire competency in the basic kettlebell drills and exercises, a deeper understanding of where and how KBs fit into a workout program and the knowledge and ability to implement them.

This is a great tutorial for anyone who wants to learn solid kettlebell technique in the Maxwell system.

The video reveals how Steve gives lessons: how he breaks things down, corrects and motivates. There are several corrective drills and exercises to help learn the principle movements. Useful for refining your individual KB skills or your skills in teaching others.

Steve says:

Basics are always your best investment. When you really know the key exercises, you don't need a lot of exotic stuff. And if later you decide you want more, by knowing the basics, the exotics are that much easier to learn.

You can't go wrong with this download!

There are plenty of great tips, especially for the foundational kettlebell movement: the swing. The KB Swing is widely misunderstood and poorly executed. This is unfortunate, because the Swing, once acquired, transfers to many athletic movements, both Kettlebell and non-Kettlebell related.

Get 43 minutes of Steve's popular kettlebell seminar. While it's not a replacement for attending the seminar in person, it will give you plenty of material to work with at home.

This video runs about 43-minutes


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