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Steve Maxwell's Kettlebell Class

High-Intensity Interval (HIIT) training in a group setting for multiple levels using mixed KB and body weight training.

This video class is a testament to Steve's amazing ability to effectively engage all skill levels -- from people for whom this is their second kettlebell experience, to the already adept kettlebell instructors -- all within the same group workout.

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This feat is a huge challenge for your average group exercise instructor and Steve does it with typical elan.

This video is useful for people of all skill levels who wish to benefit from Steve's insightful cues to improve their personal kettlebell skills, or to improve their instructor-style with clients.

This is an amazing documentary -- and of special interest to would-be kettlebell instructors. Steve's sequencing and cuing are magnificent.

This video contains several Maxwell-signature complexes, like

  • the Maxwell Kettlebell Ab & Core Especial
  • the Maxwell 3-Minute Leg Matrix
  • an incisive breakdown of the Maxwell Reverse Turkish Get-Up
  • a demo of the little-known Kettlebell Side Swing

This video document illustrates how Steve balances group classes with both kettlebell and bodyweight exercises for total body balance, total-body conditioning.

Featuring High-Intensity drills to keep the workout quick-n-dirty, combining resistance training with cardio conditioning.

This video session includes:

  • warm-up
  • skills acquisition and rehearsal
  • 30-minute non-stop training
  • cool-down and stretch

Whether you commiserate with the students or compete, you are sure to get your needs met with this amazing kettlebell class!

This video runs about 50-minutes


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