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The Hybrid Training Workouts Series

Your excuses are worthless! Train with Steve Maxwell and get it done in 30 minutes or less! No gym membership nor gym equipment required -- just you and your kettlebell

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Health & Well-Being Kettlebell Workout w/ Pre-Sports Mobility Warm-Up

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Equipment: 1 kettlebell   Difficulty: 5-6 (out of 10)

This workout addresses strength, endurance, cardio, mobility and body leanness and exemplifies one of Steve's innovative non-stop, follow-along circuits.

Once the action starts, it doesn't stop and the kettlebell doesn't hit the floor until the work is done. So be ready -- and bring a towel!

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Me, My Kettlebell and I (a HIIT workout)

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Equipment: 1 Kettlebell + something to elevate the hand for plank rows   Difficulty: 7 (out of 10)

There is more than one way to get your cardio needs met and with timed intervals you'll strengthen the heart and lungs while simultaneously shaping the body for an pleasing appearance -- get the best of both!

Join Steve for 20 minutes of timed interval training as he mixes the best kettlebell moves with some of the most productive body weight exercises. This workout addresses all five components of fitness: strength; endurance; cardio; mobility and body leanness.

This video workout is quick & dirty high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

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Universal Mobility: Standing & Floor Work

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Difficulty: 3 (out of 10)

A 20-minute routine suitable as a warm-up for all martial arts and vigorous sports or as a stand-alone active recovery workout.

This video features a step-by-step follow-along of Steve's favorite and most productive mobility drills. The sequence includes many movements not found in Steve's previous video series of standing joint mobility routines.

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Steve's Joint Mobility Movements videos require QuickTime Player.
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