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Garage Gorilla Metabolic Conditioning

Steve's Garage Gorilla Metabolic Conditioning workouts are perfect models of how you can provide yourself with high-quality conditioning workouts -- with very little equipment -- right in your own home, be it your basement or garage.

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Running time is 19:47. Price is $9.99.

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Each segment addresses a different aspect of mobility, comprising a useful mini-workout on its own. It's also possible to combine any segment with another, or all eight segments together for a holistic mobility-training program.

Limitations of time, space, equipment are meaningless to Steve Maxwell, who suffers no excuses for denying oneself a high-quality, results-producing fitness-training program. In these videos, Steve shares two of his own favorite metabolic-conditioning workouts, personally demonstrating his choice work-capacity, strength-endurance exercises.

Rejoice! Even if you're on a tight schedule, you can still fit in a high-quality, high-benefit workout with Steve in under 15-minutes -- including a brief warm-up.

Once again, Steve Maxwell proves that a whole lot can be had for very little:

  • little time
  • little equipment
  • little space
  • will never stop you from reaping big results.

So, what's the catch?

These workouts are hard as hell! -- Steve Maxwell

These workouts will kick your butt. These workouts are definitely not for beginners.

Note: While the movements can be modified to suit anyone, such variations are not shown.

In Garage Gorilla Metabolic Conditioning Steve demonstrates two terrific workouts, employing two different modalities:

Workout 1:

  • Involves body weight only
  • Equipment needed: something for doing chins and dips

Workout 2:

  • Uses minimal equipment
  • Equipment needed: a jump rope, something to do body weight rows (could even be a stick across two chairs), plus a single kettlebell


I bought the Garage Gorilla but I wonder how often the two workouts should be alternated during a week's time?

Once. Each Garage Gorilla is a once per week workout. You can alternate one Gorilla with one strength workout per week, or even two strength workouts.


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