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Crawl Like a Baby, Walk Like a Man

Re-Aligning Movement. Experience Steve's latest fascination -- right in the moment!

Shot on location in Slovenia, this video is a document of Steve's latest obsessions and experiments with vestibular re-set protocols, cross-crawl patterning, and related other activities Steve collectively refers to as "baby training".

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Not only an introduction into Steve's latest explorations, but an introduction to lovely Lubljana, Slovenia, the most petite of European capitals, where the local population is as startlingly fit, attractive, and ready for action as the landscape.

From the guileless baby drills, to the static camera POV, everything about this video is disarming in its simplicity... and yet, if you've been watching Steve for any amount of time, you know already that simplicity, when profferred by Steve Maxwell, generally belies an insightful wisdom gained by experience.

Crawl Like a Baby, Walk Like a Man is chock-full of useful drills that not only devolop and build upon physical fitness, but re-open and activate neural pathways, effectively regaining memory on a more subtle level. Try it and see!

And don't be surprised if you find yourself lightening up, and in a better, happier, more upbeat mood as a result.

You'll notice a decidely cheerful mien in this video--because it's impossible to remain in a slump, posturally or mentally, when engaged in a bout of Steve's baby-training.

Here's the thing: one hour of movement a day will not compensate for 23 hours of non-movement.

But what if you have only one hour per day (or less) to spare?

Wade into the vestibular re-set protocols!

Immerse yourself in Steve's world of fun and fitness and you'll be on your way to regaining the benefits of re-awakened memory -- and physical reality -- of youth and vitality, simply by going all the way back to childhood movement patterns.

More than merely the crude stimulations of the Central Nervous System you get from more conventional fitness resistance training, these innocent protocols stimulate the higher parts of the mind and body.

Quoth the Coach:

"I have actually derived more benefit from these simple... [vestibular re-set] exercises than I have even from the Joint Mobility..."

"Crawling is one of the most fantastic exercises you can possibly do."

"...It's not easy, but you can build back to it: you can definitely reclaim your lost youth."

Steve Maxwell from Crawl Like a Baby, Walk Like a Man

Steve is busy incorporating this material into all of his current seminar offerings, so if you're planning to attend any of his upcoming seminars, this video will help prepare you for what to expect.

Because we respect your time and intelligence, here's the gist of this sales copy:

Do you want to train like Steve Maxwell? Do you wonder how he does it what he does? Watch this video.

This video runs about 81 minutes


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