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Bondi Beach Fitness Hunter

The Fitness Hunter in Bondi Beach is a genuine fitness documentary in which Steve's inexhaustible enthusiasm is revealed in every frame.

You've seen other instructional videos from other fitness instructors where you copy what they do to get the benefit of a decent workout -- almost like you're mimicking like a parrot. But you'll notice in this series (as well as Steve's other videos) that in watching Steve's workouts you somehow make them your own.

The difference is this: in these videos, you learn as you watch.

The truth is, Steve improvises each of his video workouts -- sure, he has an idea beforehand of what he intends to show but he always deviates from the plan in order to make the session more compelling.

Unique, informative, inspiring, and ultimately liberating; the crux of this fine fitness documentary is Steve's abundant demonstrations, sharing, explaining and teaching of exercises and effective progressions for every level of prowess and interest.

Bondi Beach Fitness Hunter Complete Set
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Episode One

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In Episode 1, accompany Steve as he explores Bondi Beach NSW in search of the perfect workout location. Once he picks out the ideal spot, he demonstrates an outstanding fusion of mobility, a leg complex, body weight exercises and helpful progressions, training wisdom, ageless vigor... and more. Episode 1 runs 29:52

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Episode Two

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In Episode 2, Steve sings the praises of walking, then heads to the beach to perform a comprehensive mobility routine featuring his latest progressions. Still later, Steve switches to running and executes a series of sand sprints, all the while dispensing advice on running technique, relationships, male hormonal balance, finally concluding that running is properly an expression of joy -- even elation -- not drudgery. Episode 2 runs 29:24

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Episode Three

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In Episode 3, Steve delivers the piece de resistance: an intermediate level, active kettlebell and club-swinging routine with potent interludes of running and body weight calisthenics. Episode 3 runs 31:17

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Episode Four

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What can we say about such a rare and awesome video as Episode 4? Wherein Steve epitomizes training with high-minded simplicity. An indispensable resource for kettlebell instructors and novice aspirants -- or anyone wishing to refine the basics -- this video exemplifies Steve's guileless manner of engaging the client and the best way to train with a kettlebell from the very first session. Guest starring Bondi Beach's own lovely talent, Pelin Gulozen. Episode 4 runs 40:00

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Over $1,000 Worth of Training for 50 Bucks!

I'm a skeptic by nature. I'm just wired that way. But I also like to think that I'm open minded enough to give things a try... especially things that seem too good to be true. Take, for example, $1,000 worth of training for 50 bucks. I wouldn't believe it, either but I'm asking you to hang in there with me.

You see, I've been in the kettlebell game for more than 10 years. I've read the books, attended the certifications, taken the private lessons, you name it, I've probably done it. So when it was time to check out Steve Maxwell's instant downloads, you can imagine... I was skeptical. I was wrong. You get more usable information from one of Steve's downloads than you get from a single private lesson (that costs 10 x as much).

For example, in Steve's Bondi Beach, volume 4, he takes an absolute novice kettlebeller through a logical progression and has her using the 'bell safely and intelligently in about 40 minutes. I am now using this same progression as a template for my clients (old and new).

That's a $250 value for an investment of $6.99. You get the idea.

I recommend following up with the "Kettlebell Seminar ($250 value for $30 bucks) and finally the Kettlebell Class ($45 value for 15 bucks). Each download is a treasure chest of pure gold.

Pay attention to what Steve says, take notes, and get ready to take your practice and your client's practice to exciting new heights. But please don't take my word for it. Be skeptical. But be open minded enough to try out Steve's downloads and find out for yourself.

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