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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Greetings from a Grecian isle!

I'm getting ready to start my second camp on the beautiful, tranquil, and picturesque island of Ikaria. The first camp went great; the guest feedback was it was a life-changing experience — and that's the usual response.

In this year's two camps, the emphasis is on breath work and proper use of the lung apparatus. It's been my observation that most people are dysfunctional in their breathing — esp. while training. I've been studying this subject for a while, as relaxed breathing has been one of my fascinations... and shortcomings... and I'd begun experiencing some of the long-term negative effects of poor breath patterns.

I've traveled the far ends of the world — even Russia and China! — to acquire this some complex odds and ends and distilled it into a practical program to share. How I wish someone had taught me this stuff back when I was a competitive athlete.

There are upcoming dates for my Integrated Breathing seminar in Zagreb, NYC, London, and Bahrain — I'm really excited about these seminars.

Back to Greece! This is my 5th year at the same venue. I've been all over this island and while there are many beautiful spots, I believe this to be the most... serene. After this year, I'm committed to staying a month at a time in Ikaria — maybe two months! I've recently happened upon a good studio space for some BJJ training and we will see what develops.

The hotel owners, Giannis and Evgenia, here at Atsachas are very hospitable, and unbelievable cooks. It's a great break in an eternal setting and I hope to see you at a future camp. Please enjoy some views.

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