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Steve Maxwell's Bikini Model Workout, featuring Lulu Zhu

Train to be a bikini model...or just look like one!

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Maybe you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, but you can still construct a decent handbag. -- Steve Maxwell

If you're dieting down to a smaller size of skinny jeans, Steve's Bikini Model Workout ensures you'll preserve evey ounce of precious muscle -- even under stringent calorie (and time) restriction. While no workout guarantees fat-loss (which depends on diet) Steve's Bikini Fitness program is a superior way to train for ideal female aesthetics... in about 20 minutes!

Under Steve's supervision, China's #1 fitness bikini athlete, Lulu Zhu, demonstrates a series of simple-but-effective exercises which can be done in the privacy in your own home and require little-to-no equipment -- a real boon for busy girls and women out there who might lack free time, or funds, to run to a gym.

My girlfriend and I avoid gyms and prefer working out at home -- typically a hotel room; I myself use many of these same exercises and also with my clients, both male and female. -- Steve Maxwell

"Effective" and "results-producing" does not have to mean complicated; in fact, I have often found the reverse is true: the more simple an exercise, the more effective it is. -- Steve Maxwell

Lulu demonstrates 11 of Steve's favorite basic exercises. Steve has used these exercises with clients to achieve great results over 44 years of personal training.

Each exercise is performed as many reps as possible, until utter fatigue, for one single set in a circuit fashion, i.e., each exercise leads directly to the next, with as little rest as possible for a very nice cardio workout. Exercises are to be performed slowly, with high-tension, for safety, and also to develop body awareness and poise -- just watch Lulu!

This workout, when properly done, takes about 20-min

While Lulu brings bikini fabulous-ness to this video, know that I use all these exercises myself, so guys, don't be afraid to try this workout. Work out along with Lulu or use it as an occasion to train alongside your wife or girlfriend... maybe even both. -- Steve Maxwell

Steve's Bikini Model Workout comes in two versions:

1. In English, which has the Chinese dialog and explanation muted, running time 26:43 / 685.5 MB

2. In bilingul English/Chinese, wherein Lulu expalins Steve's instructions for Chinese-speaking viewers, running time 51:00 /791 MB

Lulu Zhu is the top-ranked bikini athlete in China. Her considerable charm, enthusiasm, and physical talent make her a popular presence on the Chinese fitness scene. Follow Lulu Zhu on Facebook and Instagram


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