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Steve's Maxwell's Advanced Isometrics

Easy enough for your mom, hard enough for the elite athlete.

Advanced Isometric Techniques showcases the best of yielding and overcoming variations in unique, strength-building combinations.

Advanced Isometric Techniques takes up where the Functional Isometrics leaves off. While this video does not replace the first -- Functional Isometrics remains very appropriate for people who are not especially strong--perhaps even injured--or otherwise rehabilitating. Further, Functional Isometrics is especially convenient for travel as it doesn't even require a pull-up bar.

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The Advanced Isometrics video runs approximately 37 minutes and is a 722MB download.

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In Advanced Isometric Techniques, Steve takes Yielding and Overcoming variations and combines them in an original way. Traditionally, these moves were performed with barbells and a power rack, but Steve has applied his wits, intelligence, and resources to benefit the rest of us.

The Steve Maxwell Isometrics Complete Set

Steve's Advanced Isometrics video goes hand-in-hand with his Functional Isometrics video.

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With Advanced Isometric Techniques, you get the best of both types of isometrics: Yielding and Overcoming. This program is body weight-based and can be performed pretty much anywhere. Yet for the really strong person -- the advanced man or woman -- body weight training alone is not enough; in order to preclude excessive time-under-load (TUL) Steve combines Yielding with Overcoming via a simple strap or belt.

As an example, a time-honored way of strengthening glutes and thighs is by holding the half-squat position, i.e., leaning against a wall, as a wall-seat, or free-standing as in the martial arts horse-stance.

For many people the body weight version comes too easily, but with the use of a simple strap, wherein you simultaneously push upward into the resistance -- thereby quickly eroding even prodigious strength reserve -- even the world's strongest man rapidly experiences his own body weight becomes too much to support -- and all this in 90-seconds or less! With a bonus, appropriate humility that becomes us all.

Advanced Isometric Techniques offers many examples of common exercises like the above, in which Steve adds his efficient refinement, like a Plutonian Midas touch. Smaller than small -- greater than great -- meet and unite in this video; Steve demonstrates that a man needn't go to the gym at all -- the gym is a mental state.

For the grapplers and martial artists out there, Steve demonstrates specific, isometric practices that are sure to up your game.


How to use this video

In addition to your regular sports or recreational training, Steve recommends two Advanced Isometric Techniques workouts per week. This isometrics session would replace your conventional strength training. In some cases, where the person is doing a lot of sports training or under other physical or mental stresses, just one session per week is sufficient and correct.

For non-athletes, as a standalone strength training program, this video provides a safe, effective, time-efficient, strength and body-building program that can be performed at home or taken on the road during business or vacation is altogether mobile.


Who will benefit?

Any adult man or woman wishing to maximize their strength, hypertrophy, and conditioning in an ultra-efficient manner. If no rest is taken between exercises, a superior cardio-respiratory efficiency can be achieved, sometimes referred to as Metabolic-Conditioning.


Who won't benefit?

Those people who require extrinsic goals to motivate them; those who rely on specific weights and numbers, or are fetishistic about particular equipment.


The Coach speaks:

Isometrics are nothing new, they've been used since the times of the Spartans, Alexander of Macedonia, Shaolin monk warriors, the great Indian rajahs, and Galen and his Roman Gladiator laboratory. Isometrics worked 2500 years ago and they work to this day, I've just added a few of my own twists useful for the modern man and athlete... or simply the health enthusiast.


Steve Maxwell's Advanced Isometrics   $29.95

The Advanced Isometrics video runs approximately 37 minutes and is a 722MB download

Click here for information on how to watch these videos on your mobile devices and tablets

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In Advanced Isometrics, Steve beats his own record, exceeds expectations and set new standards of Isometrics Training. I am not an athlete or a fighter so my fitness goals are very simple, I prefer Isometrics over other forms due to the reason that they are great for strength gain while being easy on the joints, and it saves me a lot of time which I can utilize on increasing my productivity in my work.

I started functional Isometrics workouts in Dec, 2015 under Steve Maxwell's guidance. I received numerous benefits including Strength Gains from this program within 4 to 6 weeks of training. And soon I started to realize that my static holds are becoming lengthy in duration every week as my body is becoming stronger through Isometric training. & I started thinking how I can keep on getting the same benefits while maintaining the intensity and keeping the workout duration short. The answer to all of my questions is in Advanced Isometrics which is based on Timed Static Contractions & Yielding vs Overcoming Isometrics. The video gets down to the essentials. This is most minimal yet effective program I have ever seen on Isometrics.

-- A. Khurram Shah, business analyst, Saudi Arabia

Filmed in Hawaii at a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school, the area for this video was stark. That is on purpose. The idea of isometrics is not new and just re-introducing them is nothing more than shooting new images. However in this video by Steve Maxwell, he introduces variations of yielding isometrics and they have a strong application to grapplers, injury compromised individuals, those who follow the digital nomad lifestyle and business travelers. That is a short list and truly anyone can -

A. Use the whole program for the strength work. OR
B. Adopt components of this for their overall fitness program, including strength athletes, to enhance and fortify specific positions or address weaknesses.

While one can gloss over this stuff with the, "I know, I know..." attitude, the material is solid and doesn't promise magic, simply results through effort applied. I see the value of this for someone who has not engaged in any type of fitness in recent years. They will have complete deficits in certain areas. By focusing on alignments and static holds, they will develop form and an understanding of how we squat, hinge, pull, push, brace and twist.

It's simple, elegant and requires little in the way of equipment. Good job, Steve!

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-- Tom Furman, Fort Lauderdale, Florida



Steve gives thanks to Luis Heredia and Maui Jiu Jitsu for the location and hospitality


Steve is indebted the Isometric players for their enthusiasm and their hard work in this video:

Michael Andreula   |   Mark Disalvo   |   Kirk James Smith

Special recognition goes to Kristie Andrijenko for her sharpshooter videography and editing


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