Steve Maxwell's Jiu Jitsu for a Lifetime, Folly Beach SC 2017

Saturday, December 2nd - Wednesday, December 6th

Steve invites you to Folly Beach, South Carolina for five amazing, informative days of Gracie Jiu Jitsu immersion. This is a fundamentals program and welcome to all comers.

This camp is held at a private property equipped with training room two blocks from the beautiful beach. Sessions are indoor/outdoor. Folly Beach is an incredibly relaxed and relaxing atmosphere and a perfect time and place to catch up with Coach Steve.

Cost: $500 for 5-days camp training

This event is expired and no longer open for registration.



  • Daily BJJ training and conditioning sessions in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Indoor and outdoor training strategies
  • Optional belt evaluation (inquiries email Maxwell service desk)


Registrations are limited

This is an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in Gracie jiu jitsu under Steve's tutelage. This is a true intensive -- purposely small-scale -- so that Steve can give each participant individual attention.



Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instruction takes place in the training room each day. There is also dedicated outdoor workout space and basic equipment on site -- in other words, everything needed for an illuminating week of essential, minimalist training and higher-thinking in a charming, down-home environment.

Steve will present a comprehensive course of jiu jitsu, mobility and conditioning, and potent strength training each day 9:00 -13:00.

Times are approximate and subject to slight adjustment with prior notice

Steve offers instruction in classic Gracie jiu jitsu street self-defense, as well as competition-style; wrestling basics; takedowns; mobility; as well as strength and conditioning specific to martial arts; complemented with self-care and rational health habits to keep young men and women of all ages on the mat for a vibrant lifetime.

All classes are designed with the best interests of the students in mind. With no more than 9 players on the mat at any time you can expect personal attention and guidance to develop your best game -- whether you're a competitive or playful player, boy, girl, white belt, or higher rank.

Each session includes optional sparring, under Steve's expert eye and supervision. Steve will evaluate your technique and game and suggest a best strategy to overcome weakness or vulnerability.

All levels of players are welcome. Enthusiasm is assumed.


About the Instructor

Steve Maxwell, fitness educator and international nomad brings his decades of personal experience in Gracie jiu jitsu, athletics, and training to Folly Beach, South Carolina for two dynamic 6-day programs to prepare you for Jiu Jitsu For a Lifetime.

Steve is a six-time Pan-American BJJ champion, a three-time International Master-Senior Champion. He was the first person certified to teach Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in the USA and is still considered by the Gracies as one of the finest teachers of their system.

As a fitness classicist, Steve lives what he preaches, traveling around the world leading seminars in strength and conditioning, movement fundamentals, Brazilian jiu jitsu, kettlebells, joint mobility, and corrective programs, inspiring people to take their health and fitness to the next level.

Besides his sharp wits, strength, and vitality, Steve is best known, perhaps, for his natural ability to connect with his students and clients, thereby bringing out their best effort and performance.



Which airport should I fly in to?

Charleston CHS

What's included in the price?

The price includes Steve's daily training sessions, for 5 days.

Food and lodging, and transfers NOT included.

There are countless Airbnbs in the neighborhood and a few hotels nearby. For assistance planning your stay, email Maxwell service desk.

Can I arrive late and still participate?

The spaces for these camps are extremely limited. If there are any avilavble spaces, it is possible to attend separate days. email Maxwell service desk to inquire.

What will I have to bring?

Shorts, fight trunks, rash guard, swim suit, t-shirt, flip-flops, zinc-oxide sunscreen, hat, and your adventurous spirit.

Is it possible to do laundry at the house?


Do I need a car?

You will need to make your own arrangements for airport transfers, aside from that, the House Venable is two blocks from a beautiful, long, surfable beach, and there are places to eat and purchase groceries within walking distance. Bikes are also available for guests staying onsite.

What level of jiu jitsu are the people attending?

Steve supervises all training sessions. All levels, ages, genders, sizes are welcome. You should be in reasonable good health, sincere, and earnest to improve your training experience.

Is it possible to be considered for belt promotion at the camp?

Yes, this is possible. Please inquire ahead of time with Maxwell service desk.

Will this camp help prepare for a competition?

Absolutely. Classes are designed to meet the needs of the students present. If you have a competition event coming up, you will be helped.

Will this be general technique camp or will a theme be present?

The theme of this camp is Jiu Jitsu for a Lifetime.

It is Steve's prerogative to change up the topic depending upon his assessment of the group, and what is in the best interest of each individual present.

Steve's breadth of experience includes classic Gracie street self-defense; competition-style technique; wrestling takedowns; joint mobility; strength & conditioning; recovery strategy; injury rehabilitation; prehab... and so on.

Please avail yourself of his generosity, knowledge, and experience during your time at camp.

Can I roll with higher belts?

Yes. Training sessions are matched in such a way that everyone's needs can be met. Steve is selective about who he rolls with -- please observe standard protocol and do not approach him to roll unless you outrank him.

How do I get to and from the airport?

Folly Beach is 32-minute drive from Charleston (CHS) airport. It is a lovely destination with a relaxed, beach vibe. If you would like help planning your trip please email Maxwell service desk.

Is it safe in Folly Beach?

Participating in this this camp is perfectly safe -- in fact, safer than your regular life.

Will Steve offer gi or no-gi classes?

Both are offered... but for acquiring best technique, Steve emphasizes gi training over no-gi.

Can I bring my friend?

Yes, of course, but each student present on the mat must be registered and paid for the entire camp.

What is the refund policy?

Booking fees are non-refundable although credit for future events and digital products is offered equal to fees paid.

What about surfing?

Folly Beach is one the top spots for surfing on the east coast. Bring your board(s) and avail yourself of the fine southeastern ocean hospitality. Private surf lessons can be arranged at your own expense, please email Maxwell service desk.

What about the weather?





Training with Steve is a revelatory experience.

First and foremost it gives me great confidence to know that the systems shared are applicable both in the academy, and as a proven form of self defence. I appreciate the focus on fundamental techniques, and the effective way that Steve teaches them.

As a martial artist, it is also important that I am able to move freely. Steve's emphasis on physical development, and sustainability has resulted in an increased understanding of my own body. I am happy knowing that Steve's methods will allow for BJJ to to be a part of my life for a long time yet.

Most importantly, this is done in a playful, and fun environment that is conducive to learning.

This is why I love training with Steve.

John Smallios
Jiu Jitsu Commune, Sydney NSW

Thanks again for all your help. No way I would have made weight or been in condition for this tournament without all your help. Thanks a lot :-)

--John Lavin
Owner/Head Coach, Lavin Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness


Steve's Jiu Jitsu for a Lifetime Series

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